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Welcome to Southern Folk Pottery Collectors Society

The Southern Folk Pottery Collectors Society was founded in 1988 from a vision of outsiders looking into the disappearing southern folk potting foundations. From the 1950s into the 1960s the time honored tradition of our American South was shrinking by both the artisan and supporters. The 1970s was a make or break decade. Seemingly each states ceramics support was in the hands of studio trends. The family trait of generational handed down processes was at it’s waning period. By way of outsiders who was of small numbers but fiercely committed to the survival came a resurrection! The Smithsonian’s Folk Life endeavors supplied a new wave of sincere support that actually placed transplanted jump starts into each states academic arenas. The term folklorist were the titles and along came these young people that sought out the aging artisans creating folk festivals, documentaries, and even financial aids which did wonders. The family tradition of these folk ways attracted the next generation to stay on and participate in this new exciting era. The Society was encouraged by the late Howard Smith as well Walter and Dot Auman who had ideas that launched the need for the Society to continue the talents of all the southern states together and offer the folky self-taught pottery to an outsider market. It worked! During 1988  in New York City at the Pier Antique show the southern folk pottery and the Society made it’s debut unified and on the march. For over a decade varied venues by the Society paved the way for outsiders to come into the south’s backwoods to find these potters. What an explosion. By the 1990s each state was on its way establishing markets, institutions, exhibits, museum attention all elevating the southern folk potter. By the 2000s each state was well grounded in support of its art in clay. The Society’s goal was established and now a new horizon. The Society is focusing on the cornerstone of historical research, documenting, sale of fine and important antique southern pottery and continuing to offer the supporter an opportunity to own both antique and currently produced wares using the time honored techniques in so many intriguing and outstanding venues.

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